Cockroach Control Service

Cockroach Control Service

Cockroaches are a major headache in each and every house hold kitchen but also a huge problem in the industrial sector, especially food handling and processing industries. They are an unpleasant sight to both the customer as well as an employee. They can damage a company’s brand value.

Cockroaches leave fecal matter called frass. Generally these deposits are the indication of a cockroach problem. The size and shape of fecal droppings help identify the species of cockroach involved. We use Pesticides to which cockroaches have not gone immune.

Oriental cockroach are small in size and are common in Indian kitchens. They hide themselves easily in wardrobes, dining table, bathrooms and drawers etc.. We have special treatment methods to control them.

The conventional method is sprays and mists. Recently though gel treatment, new technique has been developed which involves applying a gel like substance within the premises. This eliminates the pungent smell produced by the insecticides. Also the major advantage is that we need not empty out the whole kitchen and create a mess. So the functioning of our home or work place is not disrupted.

This method involves applying the gel at strategic location and hide-out places for the cockroaches. This acts as a Bait to which cockroaches get attracted. Once a the cockroaches start feeding on this, the entire population of cockroach gets infected by this toxic ingredient and ultimately gets eliminated. The gel has no odour. It is safe to applied this gel to sensitive areas like electrical console boxes, electronic Gadgets, kitchen appliances, behind the refrigerator etc.. Note that the conventional insecticide cannot be sprayed on such spots. It is safe and presents no hazard to the living environment.