Termite Control Service

Termites or white ants as we call them are ecologically quite important creatures for their recycling ability of wood and other plant matter. But as for us Termites are known for their destructive effects on wooden structures and construction
There are two types of Termite Control services that we specialize in:
Pre-construction Anti-Termite Treatment
Post-construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Pre-construction Anti-Termite Treatment:

The basic idea is to create a chemical barrier in the soil, along the building that interrupts of termites that try to root through the soil. This is done by treating the floor by extensively injecting along the periphery of the building. The chemically treated soil creates a continuous barrier, that makes it impossible for the termites to pass through from or to the soil for moisture without which they can’t survive.
Thus with our expertise and specialized equipment we successfully install such a chemical barrier into the soil that forms a complete and continuous barrier protecting the premises from a termite entry and future infestation.

Post-construction Anti-Termite Treatment:

Termites can also survive above ground due to damp walls and Roof or plumbing leaks that create a regular source of moisture like a leaking shower. These should be corrected at the earliest possible.
If wood is severely infested by termite, it is best that the wood which is beyond repair, be discarded. Else the healthy wood nearby also gets cross infested. It is common for termites to damage furniture cupboards, wardrobes, almirah, wall wooden panelling, wooden cabinets.
Termites can also damage Plaster of Paris (POP) on the walls and ceilings as it is made of cellulose. All cellulosic materials like wood, paper, cardboard etc. are likely to be the target of termites. Wood combined with plaster of paris is a combination that retains moisture and the most attractive area for termites. The termites are even non-detectable here
wooden flooring in modern houses is another area vulnerable to termites infestation. Wooden floorings are an easy target of termites as they are in derect contact with the floor.
A long term pest control is a combination of right pesticides along with skilled workmanship who use right application method. And that is what we do at Suguna Pest control services.